Web App Development: The Basics

Gone are the days of developing static web pages. With the right application of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, you could get your app ready in just a few hours. You can also hire web app developers to bring your app ideas to life. This article touches on the basics of app development you should know about.

What Is A Web Application?

A web app is an application you can access only via the web browser but the application can work on remote servers, as long as there’s internet connectivity. 

Different Web Application Varieties

Classified on the parameters of tools and technologies, there are three variants of web applications:

  • Client-Side: Such apps are developed using JavaScript and front-end JS frameworks. If you do not need preservation of user information for more than one session, this approach is recommended. You can use client-side web apps for image editing or easy gaming apps.

  • Server-Side: A server-side application runs on remote computers. It can be coded in multiple languages. You can use C#, Python, Ruby, PHP etc.

  • Single Page: Such applications are built by the use of backend as well as front-end technologies. It is the most complicated type of software. It can offer server-side as well as client-side usage without page reloading on the browser. Hence, the development procedure is a little more complex.

To learn more about how to bring your development project to life, review resources online (See Fireart, for example) to learn more.