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I was inspired to start this blog for a number of reasons. The first is that I wanted to provide useful resources for fellow Business Analysts. While starting out on my BA career, I found a number of useful resources but as is to be expected, they were not in one place. I decided to create a one-stop site containing all the useful resources I’ve encountered and used during my career. Hopefully, this site will become just as useful to you.

Another reason is that I wanted to improve as a Business Analyst.

I found that it is impossible to add value to others without some of it rubbing off on you. The more I blog, the better I get.

I also hope to expand my professional network, rub minds with like-minded BAs and meet more experts with whom to exchange knowledge and ideas.

Lastly, I’ve found the Internet to be a very useful place for taking, taking and taking. This is my way of giving back — one post at a time.

The views I express on this blog are solely mine and do not represent those of my employer, Enterco.

The Business Analyst Learnings Site is a platform to share what I have learnt and what I am still learning with other Business Analysts. Each article I post is crafted to ensure that you get something meaningful and practical that can be applied immediately on the job. This site shares core business analysis concepts, theories and ideas through simple lists and quotes that are easy to digest.

Submitting Materials

I welcome guest posts only when they are relevant to the business analysis profession.

I'm also open to receiving free learning materials and templates for publishing on this site. Please use the contact page to get in touch.


In numerous instances, American English spellings are different from UK English spellings. You will notice this with words like organise/organize, honor/honour, etc.

In most cases, the content on BAL is based on UK English.

Your feedback is of course, welcome. To report any genuine spelling or grammatical errors lurking somewhere, please use the contact page.


It is my hope that this website will continue to provide value to business analysts across the world for many years to come. To make this happen, BAL requires funding, dedication and hiring content providers whenever necessary.

The ads on this site are designed to be unobtrusive, intended to generate revenue to sustain BAL and will hopefully be relevant to you.

Business Analyst Learnings does not offer exchange links, paid-for text links but we do consider direct advertising.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


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About Me



I am blessed with a lovely little person.

I enjoy cycling, teaching, travelling, listening to music and writing.

Professional Background

My experience cuts across project management, database analysis, user support, business analysis and business process management. I also hold a distinction in Analysis, Design & Management of Information Systems (Now known as MSc Management, Information Systems and Innovation) from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

I specialize in business process management, requirements management, designing systems suited to users’ requirements and IT Project Management. 

Abidemi Stephanie Famuyide, CBAP, PMP, PSM