How To Make Virtual Meetings More Efficient

Most employees dread the prospect of virtual meetings, which isn’t especially surprising considering the challenges of telecommuting. While this form of work was necessary during the pandemic, many people found these meetings to be less productive than their in-person counterparts. However, this challenge doesn’t mean you have to settle. If you want greater productivity, there are several steps you can take. Here are the main ones: 

Create A New Meeting Layout 

What you need to keep in mind is that virtual meetings may be the new normal. This is all thanks to the rising remote working statistics across the globe. Even after the pandemic has subsided, staff members may prefer to work from home, or your company may choose to make it a permanent fixture. 

For this reason, it is important to come up with a new layout for virtual meetings. For instance, you may want to change the time you have meetings. You can also change the manner in which they are hosted. 

Only Have Necessary Meetings 

Did you know that 32% of workers think their current virtual meetings are unnecessary? If you were to ask your employees for an honest opinion, you will find that the number is likely the same or higher. Before you schedule your next meeting, make sure it’s necessary. Is there something that needs to be discussed face-to-face, or will an email suffice? If a certain topic isn’t necessarily urgent or complex, you may find that an email gets the job done just as well. 

Create An Agenda 

Your meetings should also have proper structure. This prevents one person from meandering or going on for too long. Create an agenda for the meeting; the more comprehensive it is, the better. If there are other main speakers, have them jot down notes as well. 

Of course, you need to give all employees a chance to speak, but having a proper agenda ensures that the main topics are out of the way without taking up too much of your employees’ time. 

Automatically Transcribe The Information 

If you find that your employees are having trouble remembering what took place at the meeting, there is a solution. You can invest in call transcription software so that notes will automatically be taken down. This way, employees can have a reliable source of information in case they forget anything from the meeting.

In case you think this is a splurge, know that this software is excellent for client virtual meetings as well. Your workers can be fully invested in the face-to-face meeting without pausing to take notes. At the end of the call, all the information they need will be available.  

These are a few ways you can make virtual meetings more efficient. The options range from creating a proper layout and agenda all the way to investing in new technology. These efforts will ensure that you never have to sit through another dull or pointless meeting.