Looking For Business Insights? Here's A List Of Free Online Survey Tools To Explore

Market research is an essential aspect of managing a business and can be conducted with both internal and external customers in mind. The data gathered through online survey tools can be fed into a range of applications for more in-depth analysis. The subsequent analysis of this data can assist in the delivery of insights that can be applied to reduce staff turnover, improve employee relations and engagement, assist in product development and improve client retention, to mention a few benefits. This article discusses four online survey platforms that provide free survey management features which can be used with either the internal or external customers of a business. 

1. Office Vibe

If your needs are focused on understanding internal customers, then Office Vibe is a good place to start. Office Vibe can help with analyzing employee satisfaction and engagement levels. The product offers anonymity to employees so they can feel 100% comfortable in offering their opinions. Analysis of the data provided via the Office Vibe platform can help managers in identifying staff development opportunities and support needs, thereby reducing staff churn and increasing retention.

Office Vibe offers a free managers' essentials package. 

2. Survey Anyplace 

Survey Anyplace is focused on external customers to the business. From customer satisfaction surveys to online presence maturity assessments, this platform can be used for creating interactive quizzes for generating actionable insights.

The tool can also be used by teachers and trainers to facilitate analysis of educational content, delivery modes and growth opportunities both within and outside educational/ training organisations. 

Survey Anyplace offers a free introductory trial.

3. Vonto

Vonto offers simplified analysis of a range of data in one report. Vonto integrates with a number of existing apps such as Google Analytics, Xero and Facebook, which can help to build a holistic view of a company or division. The ability of Vonto to combine a number of data sources into one report means managers and analysts can readily see trends, leading indicators and anomalies. 

Vonto was created by CommBank and is available for free.

4. Survey Monkey

A global leader in survey design and reporting, Survey Monkey has come a long way in the 20 years since it was launched. Survey Monkey's customisable templates can be used for creating surveys for both internal and external customers. Insights from surveys can reduce both employee and customer churn; highlight proof points for marketing campaigns and product development; and assist in the recruitment and development of talent. 

Survey Monkey's basic plan is free. Other survey tools you can explore for free are Google FormsTypeform and FreeOnlineSurveys.

Which other tools would you recommend?

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