6 Tips For Software Vendor Selection

Selecting vendors for software implementation projects can seem like a complicated process but it doesn’t have to be with the right tips in mind. This article discusses tips for vendor selection you should know about:

  1. Ensure your requirements are clear and devoid of ambiguities: Documented requirements will guide the vendors in determining their suitability to respond and should as much as possible, reflect what is to be achieved during implementation. A well-defined set of requirements can act as the rudder needed to guide the responses that flow through in the right direction.

  2. Use a comprehensive template: Having a template (e.g Request for proposal (RFP) template) that has been successfully used before will ensure you don’t leave out important bits of information and save time as you go. This is particularly important if this is the first time you’re issuing an RFP within a new industry or organisation. In the absence of an organisational template, there are sites that offer free RFP templates.

  3. Specify ahead how you want responses to be provided: In the absence of clear directions to the supplier on how information should be provided, you will need to spend a significant amount of time sorting through feedback from vendors provided in alternative formats.

  4. Prioritise your requirements: Communicate any requirements that are absolute must-haves so that vendors can prepare to share their responses based on this.

  5. Define the evaluation criteria: Evaluation criteria should be identified as early as possible so that all the information needed to assess vendors is requested upfront.

  6. Make time for Q & A sessions: It is likely that respondents will have questions while reading through your requirements. Provide your contact information so that you can sort through the responses that come through and provide feedback.