Your Digital Identity in Your Hands: The Science of Fingerprint Authentication

Your digital world should be your business! What's stopping you from having complete control over it?

Gone are the internet's earliest days, when we were all forced to use a single-factor authentication. Because of such a weak security method, businesses have shut down, with some going bankrupt and others forced to deploy fingerprint recognition biometrics. A simple and robust security feature, fingerprint authentication is an excellent means of adding extra security to your digital devices. It is a barricade against scammers or individuals with the pretense to penetrate your personal space.

Creating A Secure Environment for Your Online Activities

As you know, penetration has been the usual case with digital infrastructure and assets for quite some time. It now depends on adding an extra security feature to block every form of attack.

Onboard with the safest and most trusted multi-factor authentication. Resist every form of attempt to invade your online world.

Onboarding with Your Finger Patterns

A good fingerprint biometric recognition will first use the onboarding method to store data of the lines of your palms in an untouchable database. Onboarding involves providing your fingerprint scan to the scanning device, which scans repeatedly to get an accurate picture of your thumbs. 

So that the system doesn't fail you when next you'd like to access your device, onboarding allows you to receive a clear image of the patterns contained therein. It then stores a database for comparison whenever you request access to such devices.

Scanning for Immediate Access

Get smooth access to your device when necessary by activating its scan feature. Scanning is a component of strong authentication. It takes the finger patterns and compares them with the onboarded data to see if it's you trying to access the device or it's someone who claims to be you. Scanning involves four techniques, which are optical, capacitive, thermal, and ultrasonic.

The optical method, as the name goes, uses light to capture the image of a finger. Next, it poses an inverted image of this same print and compares it with the one onboard. In like manner, the capacitive technique uses electrical charges to identify the biological uniqueness of a finger. The thermal technique uses heat for this process and scans the thumb for comparison, while the ultrasonic technique uses sound pulses as a form of 'sonar' for the surface of a fingerprint. Whichever method goes well and is efficient enough to provide optimal security.

Getting Extra Benefits with Fingerprint Authentication

That feeling when only you can access a particular digital device is irreplaceable. Fingerprint authentication is, in fact, excellent for small and large businesses with an online presence and a critical database. Of all the many benefits, users get:

Optimal Security

Aside from inputting a password on a digital device to gain access, users will have to scan their fingerprints, and biometrics is nothing to joke with. Since its invention, no two persons have been recorded with the same fingerprint patterns. There hasn't been any case of an exact comparison between the thumbs of different persons. Not even twins.

Having fingerprint authentication means getting optimal security. The fingerprint patterns onboard are the only means of accessing such devices. For this reason, scammers can no longer easily access a database or online asset.

Simple Deployment

Isn't it better to have a device with a fingerprint scan for improving your business than an alternative with a single-factor authentication? With the former, you can have a multi-factor security feature, which is a huge plus. While fingerprint authentication is quite expensive, the value it creates is unmatchable compared to conventional means.

It is better to purchase devices with such security measures than to make your online presence vulnerable. In terms of initial investment, this could be the best decision you've ever made for enhancing the security of your business.


Buying a laptop or computer with a fingerprint scan doesn't require breaking the bank. It is much more like an investment and is preferable compared to deploying a mid-range security feature and losing your assets to scammers.

The low cost and high value of fingerprint authentication is a massive bonus for every business. You are still behind the line until you secure yours.

Leveraging Fingerprint Authentication for Online Businesses

You'd be making a mistake if you think you don't need such authentication because you don't have a business. Your online presence is your business and nothing to toy with. Take it seriously and tolerate no form of penetration. 

For small and large businesses, deploying fingerprint biometrics is one of the most thoughtful decisions and will do much good. Secure your assets today.