How A Career In Tech Is the Next Best Thing

Regardless of the sector of activity - from project management and analytics to agriculture, medicine and everything in between - technology has already made a significant in-step. This is undeniable. However, when it comes to forging a career path, is technology really that good an option? 

In this short article, we’ll be making the case that a career in technology is exciting, it offers many growth opportunities, it is sustainable, and in fact, it is the next ‘best thing.’

Ubiquity, Value, and Staying Power

There’s no need to make the case for the ubiquitousness of technology. It’s everywhere, and the more progress we make in terms of the performance, cost, and application of technology, the greater a place it will take up in business. This means that a career in technology could very well place you as a provider of significant value not only to one company or one sector of activity but to as many as your ambitions will take you.

A sustainable and satisfying career is one wherein you provide real value. Depending on your priorities, this value could benefit businesses, consumers, communities, the planet, etc. This creation of value can lead to a high level of job satisfaction.

One of the most compelling arguments making the case that technology is a good career path, is the real, demonstrable value it brings. This is why technology is so present in our lives and why there is little to no chance that the trend will reverse. 

Ask Yourself

Is your life and/or your business made better by applying technology? 

How important of a factor is job security to you when it comes to choosing a career?

Do you foresee the reliance on technology diminishing any time soon, if ever?

Growth, Expansion, and Promotion

Key factors to consider when determining whether a chosen profession makes for a good career path are the opportunities the profession provides for growth and upward mobility. By this criteria, technology comes out on top.

We are constantly making technological advancements, both in existing technologies as well as the new ones we are continuously coming up with. Additionally, technology continues to permeate every sector of activity - both existing sectors as well as the new ones we are continuously coming up with.

The regular and increasing frequency of the creation of new technologies - new apps, systems, and software - means there is always something new to learn, a new skill that adds value to the services you can provide. Not only is an increase in opportunities for promotion inherent in technology, so is the prevalence and relative ease of entrepreneurship.

Ask Yourself

Does your current career trajectory offer you enough possibilities for growth, expansion, and promotion?

Do you thrive in environments that require you to learn new skills and adapt to new processes?

Do you have any entrepreneurial or freelance aspirations?

Creativity, Culture, and Collaboration

We spend so much of our time and energy at work (or in the case of remote workers, on the job). Work environment and company culture must hold a high level of importance in qualifying a given career as satisfying or even great.

Those who work in the field of technology are generally creative people with an interest in and aptitude for problem solving. They are skilled workers and highly in demand. Therefore, recruiting for the field of technology is quite competitive. In order to attract these highly sought-after workers, companies must make a considerable effort to offer what these workers want, in addition to high compensation: good company culture, a healthy work-life balance, and a pleasant and stimulating work environment.

While every employee is unique and no two workplaces are the same, working with creative, skilled problem-solvers in a pro-employee environment is the overwhelming tendency in the field of technology. Technology demands creativity while inspiring it as well. 

In terms of collaboration, the abundance of technologies - and an increase in their complexity - has driven more and more people to specialize. In fact, it is almost an obligation. This means that virtually all projects that fall within the scope of technology are carried out in the spirit of collaboration, with each party bringing their own specialized expertise and added value.

Ask Yourself

Are you finding enough opportunities to express your creativity in your present career?

How important is the work environment and company culture to you when deciding on a job?

Do you prefer to carry out projects as part of a team or all by yourself?

In a Nutshell

For the right type of person - a creative problem solver who works well with others and can adapt well to new tools and processes - technology offers dynamic opportunities for a career path. Technology is applicable to all sectors of activity, guaranteeing its growth and staying power.

Author Bio

Russell Ridgeway is an American writer based in Budapest, Hungary. He writes in business, tech, and fashion, as well as creative fiction. You can find his creative work at and reach him on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.