Basic Computer Software To Install

Whether you’ve just reinstalled your Windows or purchased a brand-new computer, installing new software to suit your requirements is probably the next thing you do. Knowing which programs to install makes the process quick and easy, as there are many Windows applications to choose from. Based on the windows server licensing guide, here are a few essential software programs to install on your PC to ensure the best use of your computer, in no particular order. 

Cloud Storage 

As technology improves, cloud storage has become one of the essential storage methods today for storing large files without investing in hardware storage devices that may get lost. Nowadays, you can keep any file on the cloud, for example, documents, photos, emails, and have access to them using any smart device. 

Internet Browser

A fast-processing internet browser is an excellent tool to have, and Google Chrome is highly rated as one of the best internet browsers today. The browser has fantastic cross-platform syncing capabilities, allowing you to continue using it on multiple devices without disconnecting when one device switches off. 

Music Streaming Software 

Gone are the days of organizing and collecting MP3s to listen to on your PC; thanks to music streaming platforms like Spotify, you can now enjoy streaming services where music is ready to be consumed. These streaming platforms are home to almost all genres and even podcasts, making all kinds of audio available to you at your convenience. Apple Music and Google Play are also available streaming applications and are downloadable.

Office Suite

Microsoft Office has evolved with many useful payable features available. However, there is a free office suite platform available to Windows users known as LibreOffice, with alternative features similar to Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, and many more. You may be used to the Microsoft Office aesthetics and features, and so, LibreOffice may take some getting used to. 

Security Software 

Included in the Windows 10 platform is Windows Defender, an efficient antivirus, protecting you from malware and other software viruses. It would be beneficial to install a secondary security program to protect your computer from any unforeseen threats. Free security software may not guarantee complete protection, however, upgrading to a paid option could prove to be worth it. 

File Compression and Extraction

A zip file software may not be an exciting tool to have until you encounter archived files, which require zip software to extract and open. Included in Windows is native support called 7-Zip, with app and file compression capabilities. In just a matter of seconds, this user-friendly software can be installed on your device for opening foreign files.