Work Productively On Your Computer By Following These Tips

Computers have transformed the way people all around the globe work. Earlier, individuals used to be flooded with paperwork, but with the advent of computers, things have become much better, both in terms of convenience and productivity.

Thanks to the demand that computers enjoy globally, different types of computers and operating systems are readily available. Two of the most popular ones include Windows and MacOS. Both offer individuals many utilities and functionalities that facilitate them to work seamlessly.

However, to use their computer to the best of their abilities, individuals need to follow specific tips and tricks. Here are some tips following which users of any computer or platform can work productively.

●      Use A Website Blocker

When using a computer to work on an important project or assignment, it is very easy to get distracted by addictive online platforms like social media sites or virtual gaming portals. An effective way to tackle the issue and work with utmost focus is to use a website blocker.

A website blocker refers to an application or program that purposely restricts access to specific websites and platforms. With the help of website blockers, users can add distracting websites to the blocking list and work with complete focus on the tasks at hand. Some of the most popular website blockers are Freedom, StayFocusd, FocalFilter, etc.

●      Learn & Use Keyboard Shortcuts

A keyboard shortcut refers to one or multiple keys used for performing specific actions on a computer. Both macOS and Windows natively support numerous keyboard shortcuts. Moreover, they also offer users the option to create custom keyboard shortcuts. Users of both platforms can perform many activities by merely pressing specific keys together.

For instance, users can copy and paste text from one place to another. Besides this, they also have the option to launch specific applications, search for files, shut down or restart their computers, etc. Using keyboard shortcuts is one of the most efficient ways of enhancing productivity when using a computer for work.

●      Clean Up Your Computer

Cleaning up a computer refers to the process of getting rid of digital files and applications that the user does not need. Doing so not only frees up storage space on the computer for newer files and apps but also enhances the overall performance of the device, thereby increasing users’ productivity.

Although getting rid of files and applications is an effective way to create storage space, users should be careful when cleaning their computer since they may end up accidentally deleting important files like local or bin files. Hence, it is important for users to open and check such files before getting rid of them.

Both MacOS and Windows users can open bin files without hassle. To open BIN file in Macs, users need to make it visible first by using the Finder utility and pressing the “Shift,” “Command,” and. “keys. Once it is visible, users can double-click on it to open the file. Similarly, Windows users can access BIN files by burning them to a CD or mounting it to a virtual drive.

●      Use the Right Applications

Both MacOS and Windows support tons of applications belonging to different categories, including productivity and collaboration applications. Productivity applications, as the name suggests, allow users to enhance their productivity. Note-taking applications, focus-enhancing apps, and numerous other apps fall under this category. Some examples of such apps are Todoist, Any.Do, Rescue Time Classic, etc. These apps allow users to enhance their personal productivity.

On the other hand, collaborative applications allow users to work seamlessly with others and enhance the entire organization’s efficiency. Different types of collaborative applications and platforms are readily available, such as Notion, Trello, Google Docs, etc.

●      Opt for a Fast Internet Connection

Almost every individual who owns a computer uses the Internet for work-related tasks. One crucial factor that determines the productivity of an individual is the speed of their Internet connection. Let us elaborate.

When an individual requires access to the Internet for information or to download files, a slower network connection makes it difficult for them to quickly get their hands on their desired information or files, which in turn disrupts their productive working session. On the other hand, if they have a faster Internet connection, they can get the job done in less amount of time. They can also use the saved time to complete other tasks.

Therefore, every individual, irrespective of the computer they use, must have a fast and stable Internet connection on which they can readily access any information available on the web and download files within a few minutes.

Final Thoughts

Computers are highly powerful devices, which when used smartly, can exponentially enhance an individual’s productivity. Anyone who wishes to complete more work in less time and use their computers to the best of their abilities should follow the aforementioned tips and tricks.