Is A Degree In Science & Engineering Management Relevant To BAs?

There’s no question that it is a competitive world out there when it comes to finding the perfect career. Sure, networking can help you find that perfect job, but it takes a lot more than just good contacts to land a job in any industry. 

So, what can you do to pad out your resume and set yourself up for a successful career? Are you considering Science and Engineering Management? Not convinced this could be the right career path for you? Let’s take a closer look.

First things first, what exactly does it mean to have a degree in Science & Engineering Management besides an extremely long title? What can you expect to learn and tackle in the program? The degree places emphasis on topics and skills such as:

·       Communication

·       Building a productive and effective team 

·       Managing high-tech tools

·       Leadership techniques

·       Financial management

·       Business ethics

It’s the kind of degree that can help your skills to be diverse and well-rounded, which means your degree can be applied in a number of different industries and specific career paths. 

This particular program is available in an online environment through schools such as Kettering University Online, which allows for maximum schedule flexibility.

Is this relevant to the BA Profession?

In order to fully understand how the skills and techniques you learn can be transferred to your job as a business analyst, it’s important to understand what the BA role entails. 

As a BA you will be:

·       Collaborating with stakeholders/clients on a regular basis

·       Gathering statistical data, requirements and information

·       Analyzing all the content you gather

·       Coming up with workable and effective solutions to identified business problems 

Going back to the fundamentals of the master’s program, there is a lot of emphasis on leadership and communication – skills that can most definitely be applied to your job as a BA. You will also need to understand the business processes that can help an organization achieve its goals so that you can develop effective recommendations for solving business problems.

In addition, you will need to be able to work with multiple project managers at once, which means you'll be interacting with leaders. The leadership skills you learn through the master’s program will again come in handy.

Setting Yourself Apart From Competition

At the very least, obtaining a master’s degree in Science & Engineering Management is a great way to set yourself apart from competition during the job hunt. Let’s face it, there will always be people that are as qualified as you, so what will your hook be? What will set you apart and make you more hirable in an employer’s eyes? Any way you can make yourself more marketable and demonstrate your knowledge of technology will only work to benefit you in the end.

Demand A Higher Salary

Of course, a degree also gives you the ability to demand a higher salary since you have that much more knowledge and skills. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for a management analyst is $83,610 (2018 figures). If you've got this degree on your resume, it heightens your marketability and the odds of making a salary above the median average.

The Ability To Specialize

Finally, there is the fact that this degree can also help you specialize in a particular career path.

Some examples include:

·       Data analyst

·       IT Business Analyst

·       Technical Analyst

It’s time to make your goals happen and ensure that you have all the right skills and knowledge to not only land a job, but also to excel as a BA.