Develop Your Writing Skills: Mistakes To Avoid

Communicating effectively with stakeholders and BA teams is one of the most essential skills a business analyst can possess. Written communication, in particular, is of vital importance, as there can be no room for error. Any details that must be communicated clearly are best written down, so as to avoid any confusion. However, when a report or email is written poorly, vital details may be lost in translation, which is why writing skills are paramount for business analysts, and most professions. The following are some common mistakes which should be avoided in written communication.


Not getting straight to the point is one of the gravest errors a writer can make. Adding unnecessary nuggets of information to a written report will allow the reader's mind to drift, and so important details can be missed. When writing any document or email, only include information that is essential to convey your message. Anything more is a waste of both yours and the reader's time.

Using the passive voice

In writing, an active voice is used when the subject of a sentence is the person doing an action. For example, 'The employer paid his employees'. A passive voice is used when the sentence's subject is the recipient of the action, for example, 'The employees were paid by their employer'.

When a reader is given a piece of writing that is written in the active voice, they are more likely to be engaged and will understand the passage's meaning immediately. Writing in an active voice allows your message to be more concise and uncomplicated, with no room for confusion.

Using complicated words

It can be tempting to embellish your writing with lengthy words and sentences to demonstrate your impressive vocabulary, but using simple words will make your writing more accessible and less likely to be misinterpreted. A successful piece of business writing is one that is precise and unambiguous. It should not allow for misinterpretation. In writing, anything that could be considered an obstacle to clear communication must be eliminated.