A List of Websites With Free Business Analysis Templates

The quality of the business analysis templates you use for your work can have a huge impact on the deliverables you produce. Templates save time and provide basic frameworks for creating documents. They can help you recognize the questions you didn’t remember to ask stakeholders, remind you of the key information you need to get and add a professional touch to your documents.

Templates form a key part of producing Business Analysis work deliverables. Having a template to work with does not automatically imply a silver bullet to all business problems but it can help you plan your work effectively and hit the ground running. For example, a Software Requirements Document would contain the requirement attributes you need to capture at the point of elicitation.

Quite a number of sites online provide templates you can download for free. These templates are particularly useful if you are looking for ideas on how to create a template from scratch or customize existing ones.

The offerings on these sites are not static and may change in time. Check the individual websites for the most up-to-date information on existing templates. 

  1. Watermark Learning hosts a collection of useful templates for download. Check out their Requirements Traceability Matrix, Software Requirements Documentation Template, Use Case Diagram Template and Business Process Management Templates.
  2. See Business Analysis Tools & Checklists from Corporate Education Group.
  3. Business Analyst Times in partnership with Karl Wiegers of Process Impact offers a collection of templates that can be applied across key business analysis processes.
  4. ASPE SDLC Training also has templates you can download for free. They offer a scope definition template, software requirements specification template, requirements worksheet template and an analysis models worksheet. 
  5. B2T Training offers free templates for your business analysis work. They offer templates that support requirements packaging, requirements validation, writing business cases and holding facilitated sessions.
  6. Modern Analyst has quite an extensive list of templates for your use. Examples of templates you will find on this site include Reference guides for UML, BPMS, and SysML. Other templates available include the Requirements Approach Template, Requirements Gathering Cheat Sheet, Requirements Traceability Matrix, etc.
  7. There are 3 main downloads available on the Seilevel site: Requirements Estimation Tool, Tool For Requirements Gathering Sessions and an RML Use Case Template.
  8. Requirements Quest has a decent selection of tools and templates. Examples of downloads you will find here include stakeholder analysis templates, Requirements definition template, stakeholder profile template and a use case worksheet template, to mention a few.
  9. For presentation and minutes of meeting templates, you may check out Template.Net

Each of these sites provide useful templates for business analysts looking for a starting point at no cost. While the same documents may be available on different sites, by picking the ones that suit you, you will be able to build a comprehensive library of templates for use in different contexts.

For another paid option, check out Laura Brandenburg's Template Toolkit.

* The information provided here was compiled based on what was available at the time of publishing this article. Check with each relevant website for the most up-to-date information on available templates.*

Picture Attribution: “Rubber Stamp With Free Word” by Stuart Miles/Freedigitalphotos.net.